Marriage is about love? Not Gender!

  • What good is it to teach children to hate others who are not the same?
  • When has public interest ever been above the interest of the government?
  • When did the government waive the public’s right to vote and give us an opportunity to let our voices be heard?
  • When did I give the government power to choose my future, and whether I’m accepted or rejected by society?

Is marriage equality such a hard subject to vote on? I’m a bit surprised that the government has not made a move yet on “Civil Unions “or “Life Partners” being legally recognised in Australia.
The term “marriage” is not as important as the meaning to have the right to have a marriage or commitment ceremony. A lot of Heterosexuals have told us they don’t want to get “married”, it too contractual.

Heterosexual people should also be entitled to Civil Unions if they wish. I think this is reasonable and fair alternative; the best outcome for everyone would be to legalise both Marriage and Civil Unions; This is not about being Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Questioning, or Asexual, they are labels for products, this is about being human and free will, love should not be limited by gender!
Teenagers today are confused with their gender, orientation, and identity because it’s been suppressed for so many years. A consequence partially due to huge police cover-ups. Students – your children – are told to love from the inside out; then on TV and in the media, they are told marriage is all about gender.

Civil unions have been in Holland for over 10 years! They too experienced the same challenges with push back over the term “Marriage”. Regardless Civil Union partnerships give the people same access to public benefits, whether LGBT people have a family or not. My cousin lives there and is married to her same-sex partner They have a beautiful son, and he is the happiest 3-year-old I ever met.

There was never any help or support available for me when I was growing up., From the age of about 11 – 18, I was very confused, because of the lack of support during this important time. I hated myself because I was different, and couldn’t understand why I was not attracted to girls like my other male friends.

I do not want another child or teen being put through that ordeal. If two mummies or daddies love each other and have the best intentions to raise their kid(s) with love and equal opportunity, then who are we to judge or question the way someone else lives, or who they get to love? The law always ends with god, and you will be judged on your own sin. Not anyone else’s. Acceptance is a basic human right, it’s your right and the right of your children. Freedom of speech needs to live on, discrimination ends with you.